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Prayer Vs Meditation

Meditation Vs Prayer

When I was 12 years old my aunty took my to my first spiritual fair. I had no idea what it was but I went along willingly. When I got there my heart exploded; these were my people. There were Tarot readers, reiki healers, candle makers and crystal stalls. It was there too that I learned the importance of Prayer and Meditation and the difference between the two. 

A Spiritual Awakening

I wandered around as my aunty attended a course on astral travel and looked at all the stalls. I decorated a beeswax candle dipping it in colours and sprinkling it with glitter. The stall keeper; a greying man with a long braided beard, asked me what intention I would like to infuse it with. I looked at him blankly. 

“What would you like to bring forth when you burn this candle?”

 I still wasn’t sure what he meant so I thought for moment and said “I want to do well in swim club.” 

He nodded. “And what is your star sign?” 

“Aquarius,” I replied. 

He chucked. “Of course it is.” 

He took a pointed stick and engraved a few squiggly lines along the candle then filled them with fine gold glitter dust. Then he closed his eyes and held a hand above the candle. 

He wrapped the candle in brown paper and handed it back to me. “There you go. Your very own candle engraved with a sigil for water and infused with Reiki master energy. Enjoy!”

“Do you Meditate?”

I wandered around in awe. My mind was awhirl with magic and possibility. This place was amazing. I never wanted to leave. 

I walked past a man making music with a large white crystal bowl and my head began to buzz. I stopped and watched as he gently ran a large crystal wand around the rim of the bowl causing it to sing a high hum. My hand flew to my forehead, just above my eyebrows where the humming was the strongest. The man stopped playing and looked at me. 

“You can feel that?”

I nodded. “It’s making my head buzz.”

He raised his eyebrows. “That’s your third eye chakra and yours is very sensitive which means you are very intuitive.”

“Oh,” I said, but I had no idea what my third eye chakra was. 

“Do you meditate?”

“Not really. Meditation… is that like praying?”

“Not quite,” he replied. And then he said the first thing that had made sense to me all day. “In prayer we ask and in meditation we listen. And because you are so intuitive,” he went on.  “It’s very important that you take time to listen everyday.”

“In prayer we ask and in meditation we listen.”

Prayer Vs Meditation

In prayer we ask and in meditation we listen is the basis of my spiritual practice. When I am in prayer, which is what I call my space to share with the Universe, it is my time to hold the talking stick and tell the Universe what’s up. I explain how I’m feeling and what I am struggling with. What I’m pondering and what I could really use guidance or clarity on. Then, once I have said my piece, asked my questions, I stop and I listen. That part, the listening, is the meditation. That’s when I shut the hell up for a few minutes and just let the answers come to me from a force much greater and wiser than myself. I open my subconscious up to the Universe, to my spirit guides and just listen. 

Meditation Vs Prayer

What to Ask in Prayer

I regularly start my day with journaling, during which I ramble. I basically write whatever comes out. Sometimes it’s complete trash. Literally:

I need to remember to take the rubbish out and then empty the recycle bin. Why am I the only one who does it? Why do I live with lazy fuckers? 

But some times I stumble upon important realisations or deep questions: 

I can’t believe my friend said that I am avoiding greatness subconsciously. What a dick thing to say. It is weird because she is a very good friend and wouldn’t say it to hurt me… perhaps there is some truth in it… hmm. 

In which case I am then offered an opportunity to ask for guidance. I’ll use this as a prompt for my meditation practice. Before I begin I will send up a silent prayer. Please, God/Universe/Spirit (whichever freaks you out the least), please send me guidance on this issue. Why am I afraid of greatness?

Meditation A.K.A Listening, Made Easy

The next step is very simple yet sometimes the hardest. Simply sit your ass down on the meditation pillow, shut the hell up and listen. Focus on your breath at first. I like to count my breaths in and out to ten, then start from one again. As I’m counting, I visualise writing each number on a black board with chalk, then wiping it off and writing the next number. I call this my anchor, as it keeps me focused on the breathing and counting, which means there is little room for all the other jargon to flutter in to my mind. But believe me it still does! When I lose focus I simply acknowledge that I have, forgive myself and start counting again! 

Prayer: Basically making a wish. 

The concept of prayer often gets a bad rap because of its connection with Christianity and other organised religions. But in reality it is whatever you want it to be! As I kid I used to pray to faeries to bring about good weather or allow me to get a cool part in the school play.

Saying a prayer is basically like making a wish. So if you’ve ever made a wish as you’ve blown out your birthday candles, after you’ve caught a fairy seed on the wind or after snapping off the big half of the wishbone after a Sunday roast, congratulations! You’ve said a prayer!

Prayer, Meditation and The Law of Attraction

When you break it down, using prayer and meditation together is the basis for the Law of Attraction and key to manifesting anything you want into reality. In prayer we get to tell the universe what we want. We get to show the Universe our boldest desires. We can visualise the best versions of us and let the feelings of joy roll through us. The Universe responds to our emotions.

During prayer we get to ask for whatever we want. We can dream big. We can send all of our coolest intentions up to the Universe and say “Come on Baby Girl, I dare you to make that happen!” 

Then, in meditation, we learn to submit which is the simplest and yet most challenging part of the Law of Attraction! But in order to manifest our desires we must learn to let go and to trust that the Universe is capable of delivering our heart’s desires.

When we try to manically manifest things into reality that sends out an emotion of fear, of doubt and of lack. We must simply ask then let go. When you are already walking the right path, already doing all you physically can to achieve your goals, the last thing you want to do is obsess over them. What you must do is submit and LISTEN. The listening, the trust and the faith is what will bring you results.

When we ask and then listen we not only give ourselves time to hear what we really want but we also give our minds a space to be in silence. In this noisy world, silence is golden.

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