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Magick: I Became a Witch When I Was Six Years Old…

Magick Witch

When I say became a witch, what I really mean is that I was called to believe in something greater than myself. A being that was all powerful and loving and not of this earth. A being of pure energy that was all around me; in the trees, the sea and the sky.

One thing I knew for sure what that it was not ‘God’ or ‘Jesus’. Having been raised by devout atheists who shuddered at the concept of Christianity, that was never going to happen. But despite always feeling like I was going to burst in to flames when I ever set foot in a church I still felt that call to a higher power. 

The very first time I evoked the goddess/es I didn’t have any idea who or what I was calling. All I knew was that my seventh birthday party was planned for the next day and it was, as the invite read, ‘A Bodacious Beach BBQ’. However, out of nowhere the weather man had predicted rain and there was no way in Hell I was going to let my party be cancelled without a fight! 

That night, after my parents had tucked me in, I sneaked out of my bedroom window into the backyard. I lugged with me a bunch of my favourite things; my ragdoll (creatively named Dolly) a knitted blanket from my bed and my box of treasures containing sea shells, sea glass, cool stones, $5.75 in change and a medal I’d won at gymnastics. 

Under the light of the moon I set to work. I smoothed out my blanket and with the seashells I arranged a circle. Dolly and I sat inside the circle and in front of us I placed the big guns: My favourite pieces of sea glass, a lump of obsidian, my coins and the medal. Then I got to praying. Dear lady of the sea and lady of the sky, please bring a sunny day tomorrow. I give you my coins and all my treasures if you please bring a sunny day tomorrow. I sat there for as long as I could calling to those deities – though I had no idea that’s what they were. 

Magick Witch

Eventually I heard my parents moving around, leaving the living room, turning off lights. I scurried back inside grabbing Dolly but leaving the blanket and treasures behind. I lay there in bed knowing I had done all I could to change the forecast. All I could do now was sleep and trust in the magic. 

The next morning I leapt out of bed, ripping open the curtains. I squinted as the bright morning sun shone into my eyes. It had worked. My birthday party would not be cancelled or relocated to McDonalds! I wasn’t too surprised because I’d had every faith that those ladies I’d called on would deliver. But when I looked down to the lawn below, I really was surprised. My blanket was still spread out on the grass with the slightly disturbed circle of shells still there, but the coins and my gymnastics medal were gone. Neighbourhood hooligans be damned! I was (and still kinda am) convinced that those deities swooped down and claimed their gifts. 

From that day on I regularly felt the call of the higher beings I’d begun to think of as faeries. Whenever I felt lost or alone or confused I reminded myself that I was not alone, that whenever I needed them I could call upon them. And I did. I lit candles, left notes and snacks and often sent them my prayers. 

Now, having studied and practiced witchcraft and spell casting on and on for years, I find it interesting that I was intuitively called to summon those higher beings. I find it even more interesting that something within me told me to offer up gifts to my deities. 

The offering of gifts is common place in spell casting and evoking the Goddesses. Every Goddess has a preferred treat. For example the Goddess Lakshmi likes ripe fruits and vegetables, flowers, gold jewellery, and money, while the Norse Goddess Freya prefers mead, honey and meat. 

The other thing I did instinctively was cast a circle. One of the very first things you learn when you are spell casting is to create a magical safe space in which to work – like I did with my seashells.

Personally, I think we are born witches. Magick is in our DNA, flowing through the blood in our veins. It’s usually passed down through generations, though a lot of the time it can go un-tapped or out of fear it can be pushed down into the shadow of our psyche. It depends how accepting your family is. I was lucky that my parents never had a problem with me reading tarot or holding coven meetings in my bedroom as a teenager. 

Lately I’ve neglected my magical side and it’s left me feeling quite unbalanced. I’m currently on a mission to reconnect and practice more regularly. I’m loving all of the books on Witchcraft and Spell Casting by Skye Alexander. 

Blessed Be.

Full Time Unicorn

Full Time Unicorn

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