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Law of Attraction Do Nothing

Children are innately impatient. We come into the world demanding life. We scream at the top of our lungs with any minor annoyance. I am hungry! Feed me NOW! I am wet! Change me NOW! 

Now. Now. Now. 

When we are tiny this urgency is understandable. We need to be cared for intently in order to stay alive and to thrive. As we reach childhood we learn, slowly, how to first prioritise our needs and then ask for what we need in a polite manner. If we are about to fall from a tree we scream for help because that is a pretty pressing issue. If we are a little hungry and want a snack and are still too small to get it ourselves, we ask nicely and wait for the snack to appear. 

Learning to Wait

As we reach adulthood we are required to ask and then wait. Sometimes for quite a while. When we order at a restaurant, when we arrive for a doctor’s appointment or when we have submitted our manuscript to an agent or publisher (Mmm hmm). Sometimes we have to wait for these things for much longer than we would like but because we are not children anymore we just have to suck it up and wait. 

Waiting is Boring!

The hardest thing about waiting is that it’s boring. There are places to go, people to see, cats to pet and books to write! We don’t have time to just sit down and WAIT! I have goals! I have things I am desperately trying to manifest! I can’t just sit here and read about the God Damn Kardashians while my doctor runs 20 minutes late!

Interestingly though, you can wait. Because when it comes down to it waiting is simple: All you have to do is nothing. 

Law of Attraction Do Nothing

Learning to do Nothing

The other day I was making pancakes with my boys. We’d made the mixture, placed the pan on the element and we were waiting. We were waiting for the pan to heat up enough to melt the butter because only then is it the right time to pour in the batter. If you do it too soon the pancake won’t catch on the pan quite right and it won’t spread around nicely. The butter also won’t be hot enough so it won’t brown the pancake. What you’ll be left with is a flappy, sad pancake (or pandy-cake as my sons call them). 

“No no, it’s not hot enough yet,” I said after my youngest had once again, tried to ladle in the mixture too soon. “All you have to do is nothing.”

As I said the words I realised how valid they are for every one trying to understand the Law of Attraction. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS NOTHING.

Law of Attraction: All You Have to Do is Nothing!

No, sorry, this is not an invitation for you to sit around on the couch all day as a way to achieve your goals. What I mean when I say this is that action for the sake of action does not bring about faster or more desirable results!

The pancake put in the pan too soon does not cook any faster. It takes the same amount of time but just comes out not as good as it would have if YOU’D JUST WAITED. 

The Perks of Doing Nothing

When I’m paying for groceries I tell my kids to please, just stand their and do nothing for five minutes. Do they? No. Usually, as soon as my back is turned they decide to knock over a display of toilet paper or something, getting in trouble from the staff and then having to help clean up the mess. So now the five minutes has turned into 10 minutes, with a touch of frustrated energy thrown in for good measure. All they had to do was nothing.

Action taken in a Negative Vibration is Detrimental

So no matter if you are manifesting a new home, a better job, a lover or five million dollars, there is only so much action you can and should take. 

So you’ve written a book. You’ve done six drafts, you’ve had it assessed, you’ve made changes, you’ve sent it to a bunch of New York literary agents and now you have to wait. And wait. But let’s say you get sick of waiting. You start to doubt that the Universe is going to front up with the goods you’ve requested. Maybe I’m dreaming, you wonder. Nobody gets published the old fashioned way anymore! You decide, to hell with it, you’re gonna do it your own way! So you send off your manuscript to a bunch of vanity publishers who jump at the chance to publish it – at a fee. 

You’ve Done it! Or Have You?

Months later, you’ve done it! You are a published author! Except you didn’t realise that proof reading was not included in the deal, so there are some typos you missed. You also didn’t realise how much work would be involved in marketing your own book. It takes time. Time you would rather spend working on your next book. You’re happy with what you made happen but you can’t help thinking that it’s not quite what you wanted and perhaps if you had waited and submitted to the Universe perhaps your book deal would have appeared in divine timing.

When we act from a place of urgency, from a vibration of lack or fear, we are not using the Law of Attraction to our benefit. When we believe deep down inside that we will never get what we desire, unless we work like a pig and force it, then that is the energy we are projecting. So no matter what we do, in that state we will never get what we truly want, even if we do force it. 

Law of Attraction Do Nothing

Sometimes all we have to do is nothing 

Sometimes the most important thing we can do is not act but instead focus on our faith and our trust in The Universe. 

This is not to say that you can’t hustle, or send follow up emails, or push yourself out of your comfort zone to network and spread you work out into the world. Hell no! But remember that if you are acting from a place of lack, you will only attract more lack. 

I am always in the process of manifesting amazing things into my life. But you know what? I spend MORE time getting into an awesome vibrational state, than acting from a place of lethargy, doubt or fear. 

If I’m writing and I feel doubt, fear and self-judgement creep in, I stop right there and do something to lift my vibration IMMEDIATELY. There is no point trying to create from a place of negative vibration!

What Can you Do to Change Your Vibration?



-Play an instrument

-Dance around the room to Taylor Swift

-Listen to a podcast and clean

-Paint a picture or do crafts


-Go for a swim

-Walk in nature

-Eat Cocao/dark chocolate


-Laugh with a friend

Lifting your Vibration Increases Productivity!

Even if you are a dedicated type A who struggles to take time out from “achieving”, giving some time to lifting your vibration will not only increase your productivity but also your ability to manifest what you desire!

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