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Law of Attraction: Living in the Vortex


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According to the teachings of Abraham, The Vortex is the space where everything that we have ever asked of the Universe resides. It’s a place of plentiful abundance. A place where we feel fabulous, grateful, generous, successful and excited for all that life brings. It’s also that place where we feel truly comfortable in our own skin and able to be our true selves. It is inside The Vortex that we release our inner unicorn!

How do you know if you’re in The Vortex?

When we are living inside The Vortex everything runs fluidly. The Universe sends us what we want and need at an astonishing rate. We encounter coincidences and synchronicities in our daily lives: You may see repeating double, triple or quadruple digits. When you think of a person, that person will call you. If you’re thinking about something, let’s say adopting a cat, then a cat who urgently needs rehoming will appear in your life.

When we’re in The Vortex we give willingly to others and have a sense of joy and love in our hearts. We are not afraid of giving too much because we know that the Universe offers abundance. We are unafraid to ask for what we want and we truly believe that what we have to offer is of the greatest value.

The Vortex is not place for fear, envy, comparison, judgement and negativity. Those are all products of a lack mindset. Feeling envious of another person’s success, or judging someone’s right to abundance is a sure fire way to get yourself chucked out of The Vortex. All of a sudden you’ll find yourself on your ass, grumbling about how ‘you never get what you want’ and off you’ll go to scowl at Instagram and wallow in self-pity. Buh-bye Vortex!

What is a Vortex?

Everything in life is made up of vortices. If you look at an atom under a microscope, you will see that it is made up of multiple wheels of energy, tiny whirlpools, spinning around and around.

The Vortex is constantly present in nature. Look at the spirals in seashells, look at the double helix, look at water as it flows down the plughole.

There are known vortices of magnetic energy found across the world. The Bermuda triangle is one of them, known to pull planes toward its watery depths. Other vortices, such as the attraction in Gold Hill, Oregon have a repellant effect, often said to keep wildlife away.

Also consider the solar system. Not only is the moon orbiting the earth and the earth and the seven planets (sorry Pluto) orbiting the sun. But the sun is orbiting a black hole at the center of our galaxy, moving at 792,000 km/ph, flowing in a vortex of its own. It’s unnerving when you think about it, huh?

Our seven Chakra points are also vortices. They are tiny circling pools of energy spinning around and around. When one is blocked or overactive we become unbalanced. There are different symptoms associated to an imbalance in each chakra but basically, if your chakras aren’t spinning properly things can get a bit whack.

The same goes within The Vortex of vibrational alignment. If you’re not spiritually humming at the correct frequency you cause The Vortex to spin like a wonky wheel. Soon enough it breaks and poof! You’re completely out of The Vortex.

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How will I know when I am out of The Vortex?

When we are not in The Vortex we feel like the world hates us. We blame those around us for all that is wrong in our lives. We compare ourselves to everyone, summarizing that we are not good enough, pretty enough, smart enough or thin enough and that is why we can’t have what we want. When we are not in The Vortex we judge others harshly. We wonder ‘what’s so great about them?’ and ‘I’m way better at that than her so why didn’t I get the job/pay rise/promotion?’ Outside of The Vortex we are ruled by fear and lack. We don’t believe there’s enough to go around so we try and claw our way toward our goals with no regard for others. When we are not in The Vortex we cannot be truly happy for anyone because we feel like their successes only highlight our failures.

Yep, being inside The Vortex sounds way more fun!

How do I get into The Vortex?

Good question baby! Basically, getting into the Vortex is simultaneously ridiculously easy and incredibly hard. But it can be done and once you’ve been in there it’s way easier to stay there.


I wrote that in caps because it is very important! Nothing can come to you through the Law of Attraction without first being grateful for what the universe has already given you. You don’t have to have a house in the Hamptons to be grateful. You don’t even have to have 1 million Instagram followers or a Kardashian booty. Gratitude is about finding something, anything around you that you are currently grateful for. It can be as simply as the sunshine pouring into your room, a fantail swooping down to say hello to you, or the taste of the turmeric sauerkraut on your sandwich (*raises hand).

When I’m feeling like I’m about slip out of the Vortex, I force myself to look around and find five things that I am grateful for. Sometimes I play this game when I am out with negative or draining people who keep complaining (#familyforever). While they’re busy seeing the bad in everything I focus on the good. “This chair is really comfortable.” “That lady is wearing a fantastic pink sweater.” I thank the universe for the good around me and I send the negative people around me positive energy in the hope that my thoughts with lift their vibration.

Try to use gratitude daily and the other aspects of the law of attraction will fall into place.

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Once you are grateful for all that you do have, you will start to realise that the Law of Attraction is working with you because you are fucking cool. There is no unicorn on earth quite like you and as soon as you realise that you’re your own kind of super hero you can get on with living the bestest life ever.

You’ll also start to notice coincidences and synchronicities in everyday life: a friend will pop into your mind, next minute that friend will call you. You’ll find yourself thinking of owls, soon owls will be everywhere. Notice these occurrences as it will help you to see that the Universe is always there saying ‘hi’. Say ‘hi’ back and smile because, Baby, you’re in the Vortex! Once you are aware of this communication between you the Universe you will start to truly believe that anything is indeed possible.

Believe you will get that job of dreams. See it in your mind. Feel it in your heart. The universe loves you. Believe it, then receive it.


Now is the simplest and also the hardest part. Trust that the Universe will sort it out for you while you are rocking your favourite outfit and going about your day with a smile in your heart. What you have asked for is already here. It’s in the Vortex, Baby and so are you!

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