Body Image

What Does your Self Esteem Depend on?

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What does your self esteem depend on? Perhaps you have a pretty face, pert booty or awesome boobs. You know this because other people have told you. They’ve complimented you and narrowed their eyes at you in feigned, or genuine, envy. You kinda like that people wish they had your face/butt/boobs because it makes you […]

Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction: Living in the Vortex

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  According to the teachings of Abraham, The Vortex is the space where everything that we have ever asked of the Universe resides. It’s a place of plentiful abundance. A place where we feel fabulous, grateful, generous, successful and excited for all that life brings. It’s also that place where we feel truly comfortable in […]

Self Sabotage

You’re a God Damn Magical Unicorn!

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You’re a God Damn Magical Unicorn! I was in the car, driving to my first audition in five years, when it happened. My fingers were white, wrapped tightly around the steering wheel and sweat beaded on my upper lip. I was nervous. As usual. I always got nervous before an audition, but little did I […]