Mental Health

Anxiety and Alcohol

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My true underlying problems with anxiety and alcohol began from a very early age. I was a shy child. In new places I’d hide behind my mothers legs, trying to curtain myself off from the world in her long flowing skirts. In class I’d try to blend in, sitting crossed legged on the mat. When […]


I Quit Sugar! Then Didn’t

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Sugar is my kryptonite. I’m not a one biscuit kind of girl. If I snap that Kitkat: It’s. All. On. All my life I’ve been a sweet tooth and all my life I have harboured shame about it. So much so that for years if I felt embarrassed or ashamed I could swear I could […]

Law of Attraction

Law of Attraction: Living in the Vortex

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  According to the teachings of Abraham, The Vortex is the space where everything that we have ever asked of the Universe resides. It’s a place of plentiful abundance. A place where we feel fabulous, grateful, generous, successful and excited for all that life brings. It’s also that place where we feel truly comfortable in […]

Fighting Fear

Living in Awe: Placing your Hopes on a Pedestal.

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All my life I have been in awe of things I admired. If I wanted something badly, the want made it unattainable. The more I wanted something the further away it seemed and the harder or more impossible it became to acquire. This became the basis of my life: The things that you really want you cannot […]