Hi, I'm Lisette…

I was born under the sun sign of Aquarius so I tend to march to the beat of my own drum and I struggle to fit in with the status quo. But seeing as my rising sign is Libra, I have a strong need for balance in my life – which is probably why I haven’t run away with the circus yet! I also have a lot of Sagittarius in my chart, which could explain why I am in love with learning new things and visiting new places. In numerology I am an eleven, which means I am highly sensitive and highly intuitive to those around me.

In my late teens I trained as an actor but struggled with my inner critic. My eating became disordered and I began to exercise compulsively, believing that if I were just a little thinner, I would be a better actor, or just “better” in general. I started to self-sabotage at any opportunity. Right before any audition, I would hear a voice in my head telling me I was completely wrong for the part. That I was wasting my time. My mind was telling me I would never succeed so that became my reality. I was unaware at that stage just how much bearing our minds have on how we live our lives. If we are not mentally well, we cannot fulfil our true potential.

My self-doubt led me into a life of servitude, working a job that brought me no joy at all. I felt like a bird, capable of flying but told to stay down on the ground, in the cold shade, amidst the rotting leaves.

I was miserable. But I didn’t believe I deserved better.

It took years for me to overcome my inner demons and finally get treatment for anxiety, depression and disordered eating. But now, living on the other side of that darkness, I can truly say that life is great! Our time on this earth is too short to squander our unique gifts!

I live in Wellington New Zealand, with my two children, husband and Burmese cat called Cheesecake. I work as a writer, actor, voice artist, Tarot reader and public speaker; sharing the importance of mental strength, self-esteem and finding your passion. In my spare time I collect crystals, read a lot, practice reiki and hang out with my family.

I’m at the final stages of my debut young adult fantasy novel; a feat that was not without challenges. When your heart is called to take on a huge creative project, you have two choices: To take up the challenge or to let self-doubt and fear win, and give up. However, if you choose option one, the second choice is always on offer. At any time, any moment, when things become hard, you again have the option to give up, to throw in the towel and let your inner critic win this round. But in order to triumph, the only option is to keep going, keep writing and keep fighting! As I near the publishing stage of the process, I’m pulling out all of my reserves to win the battle. Stay tuned!

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